Chester and Helen Carkoski Endowment

The Carkoski* Scholarship program was established to recognize residence community student leaders with a good academic record who have demonstrated volunteer leadership and service in the residence communities. This endowment is in memory of Chester and Helen Carkoski. Chester Carkoski was the former Director of Housing/Assistant Dean of Housing. Carkoski Commons and Chet’s Place is named for Chet Carkoski.*

All undergraduate student leaders are eligible to receive the award. Nominations for this award are encouraged by all who know residents deserving of this recognition.

In order to be eligible, candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must have lived in the MSU residence communities for at least one semester prior to receiving an award. (Must live in the residence communities both fall semester 2018 and spring semester 2019).
  • Must be enrolled as a student at the time of application as a candidate for the scholarship award.
  • Must be living in a residence hall for the semester that the award is received.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 when receiving the award.
  • Must write a letter of acknowledgement to the Carkoski Family after receiving the award.
  • May not receive the award in consecutive years.
  • May not currently be under any conduct sanctions.
  • Current Community Advisors and Learning Community Coordinators are not eligible for the scholarship award.

Three criteria will be used to judge scholarship recipients:

  • Residence community involvement/leadership
  • Service to the residence community
  • Campus or community involvement

Financial need is not a requirement for scholarship selection.

Any residence community undergraduate student may be nominated except for Community Advisors and Learning Community Coordinators. The endowment committee believes that these staff members are valuable assets to the housing system, but this award is intended for student leaders who do not receive any financial compensation for their efforts.

Primary emphasis for deciding on a recipient of the award is placed on residence community involvement/leadership and contributions. Secondary consideration is given to campus or community involvement.

It should also be noted that a recipient receiving any state or federal financial aid award, will have award information forwarded to the Student Financial Services Office.

The application period for this scholarship is October 26 – December 10, 2018.

Residential Life
Supplemental Questions
  1. Did you receive the Carkoski Scholarship last year?
  2. Why do you feel you should receive the award?
  3. List your involvement in campus and community activities.
  4. Describe your contributions to your residence community.
  5. List your involvement in floor activities.
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