William E. Lass Student Research and Writing Award

Applicants must be:

  • Undergraduate or graduate students who have a declared minor or major in History
  • Students who are working on research in the field of history

The Lass Writing and Research Grants may be used to support student research and presentations at conferences. Students may use their grants for travel reimbursement, per diem expenses (meals and hotels), as well as purchasing copies, supplies, or other materials. Examples of research projects include: the Senior Seminar paper, the Alternate Plan Paper, or the Master’s Thesis as well as any other significant research project. Grants will be awarded during the academic year and you may apply during both semesters (regardless of whether you were awarded a grant previously). Grants will be made throughout the year.

Contact the History Department (AH 110) for more information on the award.

William E. Lass
College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Social Sciences: History/Social Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Undergraduate History credits earned:
  2. Graduate History credits earned:
  3. Title of Research Project
  4. Provide a one-page statement (no more than 250 words) describing your research project, its objective, the nature of the research, and how the research grant will aid or support your project. (application will not be considered if incomplete)
  5. Provide a project schedule or calendar identifying dates when major elements of the project are expected to be completed. (application will not be considered if incomplete)
  6. Upload a one-page budget itemizing anticipated expenses. (application will not be considered if incomplete)
  7. Upload a letter of support from one History faculty member who is familiar with your work. (application will not be considered if incomplete)
  8. Upload a copy of your complete unofficial transcript.
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