Law Enforcement Scholarships

Students interested in law enforcement scholarships should complete this application to be considered for the following scholarships. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in the Law Enforcement and/or Criminal Justice majors. Students must be planning to continue their enrollment for all or part of the upcoming academic year. Financial need, GPA, grade level, cultural representation, and other factors provided in the application may be considered for some awards.

Applicants will be considered for the following scholarships

  • Dr. Colleen Clarke Law Enforcement Scholarship
  • Emerald Greens Golf Course – Fund Our Police Officers Scholarship
  • Frank & Marolin Korth Law Enforcement Scholarship
  • John Liebenstein Law Enforcement Memorial Scholarship
  • Peter J. Resch/Steven Johnston Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship
  • Carol & Mark Sletner Law Enforcement Scholarship

Jean Liebenstein
Dr. Colleen Clarke
Carol and Mark Sletner
Frank and Ann Korth
Up to $1,500
College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Social Sciences: Criminal Justice