Iron Range Engineering S-STEM Scholarship

Iron Range Engineering Academic Scholarships for Co-Op Based Engineering Education is a NSF-funded scholarship opportunity for new incoming Iron Range Engineering students. Students must have an EFC of $10,000 or less and unmet financial need.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as funds are available.

up to $10,000
College of Science, Engineering and Technology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you an Iron Range Engineering student?
  2. If your cumulative GPA is under 3.0, upload a personal statement describing your academic potential. The personal statement can be written by yourself or you can upload a letter of recommendation from an instructor.
  3. Students must complete, or have a completion plan for, all lower division requirements for the Iron Range Engineering program. It is recommended you complete the learning plan with an IRE learning coach prior to submitting this application.
    • Have you completed all lower division requirements for the Iron Range Engineering degree?
    • Please list all remaining lower division courses (name, institution, and planned semester of completion). Meeting with an IRE facilitator or learning coach can help with this list.
  4. What are your career goals and how will the scholarship help you achieve them?