James F. Goff Endowed Geography Graduate Research Award

Applicants must be graduate students in Geography conducting thesis research.

Research awards may be used for any research-related costs, and up to 25% of the award may be used for indirect costs such as costs of living. A student may receive this award once.

Betty Goff
Up to $6,000
College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Social Sciences: Geography
Supplemental Questions
  1. Why is this work important? Place the project in a disciplinary and, if appropriate, regional context.(250 words)
  2. Concisely state how you plan to accomplish your investigation. Be specific
  3. Duration of the investigation (dates)
  4. Budget justification (250 words)
  5. Amount and nature of other available funds, facilities, materials, etc. (100 words)
  6. Other grants that have supported this project, are currently supporting this project, and are being applied for. (This list should include funds available to or applied for by the thesis supervisor. If these can support the proposed work.)
  7. Brief biographical sketch. List citizenship, education, major positions held and significant accomplishments (250 words)
  8. Brief bibliography. List papers which are related to the proposed research (250 words)
  9. Upload a spreadsheet and list in order of priority. (Travel - including meals and lodging, equipment, supplies, analyses, data and at-home living expenses are eligible. Living expenses may not exceed 25% of budget.)
  10. Include the following information: Project title, Project supervisor(s) thesis advisory committee and clearly state the problem to be addressed and/or the hypothesis to be tested (250 words).
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