Legacy In State Tuition Scholarship

If your parent is an alumni of Minnesota State University, Mankato AND you are a resident of a non-reciprocity state, you may be eligible for the Legacy In State Tuition Scholarship. The Legacy In State Tuition Scholarship will grant instate tuition to children whose parents are alumni of the university.

Legacy scholarship is only available if a birth parent, step parent or adopted parent graduated from MSU. Parent’s degree may include Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral. Proof of relationship is required, i.e: copy of birth/adoption certificate, copy of state income tax return identifying dependents, death certificate in case of deceased family member. In addition, parent proof of graduation may be provided, i.e.: copy of diploma, copy of transcripts indicating degree/date granted.

resident tuition rate
New Student Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Parent Name When Student
  2. Upload Proof of Graduation (copy of diploma, or transcript indicating degree/date granted)
  3. Upload Proof of Relationship (copy of birth/adoption certificate or copy of state income tax return identifying dependent)