Kenneth C. Pengelly and David P. Engen Opportunity Scholarship

Applicants must be students who are enrolled for at least 3 credits in any College of Education doctoral program during the semester for which the scholarship is awarded. Awardees are nominated and selected by Department faculty members based on academic performance, leadership, service, and/or congruency of professional experience and career goals with the mission of the Department.

Any graduate students enrolled in the Department’s programs are eligible, regardless of financial aid, graduate assistantships, tuition waiver, or campus employment status. Please contact your advisor or department chair for more information.

To receive the award, awardees must set up an account/application in the Scholarship Finder system.
Instructions are provided in the awardee’s notification letter. ( )

Up to $1,500
College of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. Leadership - Please describe your “why” (your purpose), your values, and your beliefs regarding your leadership.
  2. Racial Equity - Racial equity is a value of the Department of Educational Leadership. What impact do you see yourself making as a racially and ethically conscious leader? Please be specific.