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To view a list of Minnesota State Mankato scholarship opportunities, click “Ours” under “Opportunities” above. This list shows all scholarships in the system, not scholarships for which you are receiving consideration.

  • Automatch scholarships will appear with “None” listed under the “Action” column – this means no additional action after completing the General Application is required for consideration.
  • The “Deadline” column indicates the deadline to complete the application to receive consideration. This is not the deadline to accept the award.
  • Click into an opportunity to see eligibility criteria and any additional question or essay requirements that will be needed for application submission.

Please Note: Listed opportunities are for Spring 2022 and later. Most scholarships for CURRENTLY ENROLLED students are available for application submission during the month of February.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Up to $1,000 Dr. Vi Holbrook Physical Education Graduate Scholarship
Applicants must: Be Graduate student in Human Performance Have...
Up to $5,000 Educators of Tomorrow Scholarship
Applicants must be Minnesota State University, Mankato students...
Up to $10,000 Bob and Virginia Larson Scholarship
Applicants must be College of Education students with a declared major...
Up to $2,500 Dean Bowyer Business/Baseball Scholarship
Applicants must be: Majors within the College of Business Members of...
Up to $2,000 Hanzal Wanzek Education Scholarship
Applicants must be Special Education students who: Are enrolled in the...
Up to $1,500 Integrated Engineering Scholarships
Students must be: Integrated Engineering majors Keywords: CSET
up to $10,000 Iron Range Engineering S-STEM Scholarship
Iron Range Engineering Academic Scholarships for Co-Op Based Engineering...
$1,000 MinneAnalytics Twin Cities Engineering Scholarship
Applicants must: Be a junior or senior at time the award is...
$1,500 TCE Alumni Scholarship
Applicants must: 1) Be an Integrated Engineering student in the Twin...
$2,000 Uponor Scholarship
Applicants must: be Minnesota State University, Mankato Twin Cities...
Up to $5,000 Xcel Energy Scholarship
Applicants must: be employable to Xcel Energy demonstrate financial...
Varies Speech & Debate Team Talent Grant
Incoming first-year students and first-year transfer students will be...
$1,000.00 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Retention Grant
This retention grant is used to assist students from Diversity, Equity,...
Varies William E. Lass Student Research and Writing Award
Applicants must be: Undergraduate or graduate students who have a...
Resident instate tuition rate In-State Tuition Scholarship for New First-Year Students
In our continuing effort to support outstanding academic achievement,...
Resident instate tuition rate In-State Tuition Scholarship for New Transfer Students
In our continuing effort to support outstanding academic achievement,...
resident tuition rate Legacy In State Tuition Scholarship
If your parent is an alumni of Minnesota State University, Mankato AND...
Varies Music Talent Grant
Talent Grants are awarded by the Department of Music to first year...
$2,500 Workforce Development Scholarships
Previous recipients of a Workforce Development Scholarship at a...
Up to $1,000 Jean Buck Memorial Scholarship - EDLD Graduate Scholarship
Applicants should be pursuing a graduate degree in Educational Leadership.
$2,500 Lynette McCue Scholarship
Applicants must: Be students enrolled in the College of...
Up to $1,500 Robert D. Schmidt Family Scholarship
Applicants must be undergraduate students in the Social Sciences who...
$1,500 Don and Pat Buchanan Scholarship
Applicants must: Be admitted to RPLS major in any of the emphasis...
Up to $1,500 Food Science Lab Endowment - 2017 (Suspended)
$1,200 Gary & Wendy Rockswold Mathematics Scholarship
Applicants must be: Enrolled in the College of Science, Engineering...
$1000-$2000 Thin Film Technology of the Mankato Area Foundation Scholarship
Applicants must: Be juniors or seniors at the time the scholarships...
Up to $1,000 Mel Dove International Business Scholarship
Applicants must be: International Business majors
up to $1,000 International Student Emergency Assistance
The International Student Emergency Assistance provides direct payment...
$1,500 Bonnie Teigum Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to a student that has demonstrated...
$1,500 Chuck Sherwood CIS Scholarship (Suspend)
Applicants must be: Computer Information Science majors Domestic...
$1,500 Cinch Connectivity Scholarship
Applicants must be: Manufacturing Engineering Technology...
$1,500 Kato Clean/College of Business Young Entrepreneur Scholarship
Applicants must be a student who: has a major through the College of...
$1,500 Ludwig Coaching's Dreams of Leadership Scholarship
Applicants must: Be a junior or senior majoring in management with at...
$1,500 Luhmann Family Global Focus Scholarship
Applicants must: Be full-time undergraduate students with a minimum...
$1,500 Consolidated Communications CSET Scholarship
Applicants must: Be juniors or seniors at the time scholarships are...
$1,500 Gardiner + Company Accounting Scholarship (Suspended)
Applicants must: Be accounting majors with an interest in...
$1,500 Gislason & Hunter LLP Agribusiness Scholarship
Applicants must: Be Agribusiness majors or minors Have a gpa of 3.0...
$1,500 Gomez Bahamas Accounting Scholarship
Applicants must be students who: Are deemed under-represented in the...
$0.00 Gomez Bahamas Scholarship
Applicants must be under-represented students who plan to attend...
$2,000 Laurence O. and Laurence V. Tysk Memorial Scholarship (Suspended)
Applicants must be students who: Have declared Art Education as their...
$1,500 Matnique & Briana Williamson Inclusive Excellence Scholarship
Applicants must: Be members of an under-represented group Have a...
Up to $1,500 Medical Lab Sciences Scholarship
Applicants must be: Medical Lab Technology majors
$2,000 Secondary Education Scholarship
Applicants must be secondary education majors.
Up to $2,500 Wealth Enhancement Group McKeown/Mehia Team Scholarship
Applicants must: be enrolled full time be student-athletes in a...
$2,500 GEER Scholarship
This scholarship is funded by a grant from the Minnesota Office of...
$2,000 Abdo Accounting Scholarship
Applicants must be full or part-time students who are: accounting...
$1,500 Abdo Family Accounting Scholarship
College of Business Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. The...
Up to $6,000 Accounting Senior of the Year Award
Applicants must: be accounting majors be seniors at the time...
Up to $5,000 Alan D. and Barbara M. Hubbard Math, Physics and Chemistry Teacher Education Scholarship
Applicants must: Be students entering their Sophomore year of...
$2,500 Alex J Pitcher Memorial Scholarship
Applicants must be: Undergraduate students entering senior year or...