Jim Chalgren On-Campus Housing Support Grant

This grant is to help supplement the costs of living in an on-campus housing room and is awarded to an individual that has shown leadership in the trans* community. Any awarded grant funds will be applied directly to your University account. Please note, recipients of this grant may have their name and photo shared via online through our donor newsletter.

Instutional Diversity and LGBT Center
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you recieve financial aid?
  2. Statement of Need: Please explain your current financial situation and why you should be selected for the retention grant. Please be as detailed as possible. Answering questions like, "Why do I need this funding?" "What will the funding help me do?" "What other funding have I accessed?", will help give the reviewers a better idea of your story as a student. Please be as detailed as possible.
  3. How will this money support your personal identity journey?
  4. What type of on-campus housing room type* are you applying for?
  5. Advisor/Staff Member who Recommended this Grant to You