RISEBio Scholarship

The Research Immersive Scholastic Experience in Biology (RISEbio) program is a unique support and scholarship program available to incoming first year students who demonstrate academic potential and financial need. RISEbio is for those students who are enthusiastic about biology and science, are interested in gaining a mentored research experience, and want to be part of this distinctive model for science education.

RISEbio is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program that provides qualifying first-year students with substantial scholarship funds ($2,500 for 3 semesters; $7,500 total) and the opportunity to engage in mentored authentic real-world research experiences by exchanging introductory biology laboratory sections for a hands-on research experience. No extra course work is required to participate in RISEbio. RISEbio Scholars will also be part of a learning community that supports transitioning in to college and partake in activities that develop technical and professional skills, which ultimately help scholars springboard into additional research opportunities, internships, graduate/professional schools, and careers.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with a priority application deadline is April 1, 2019.

Want more information on the RISEbio program? Visit – http://cset.mnsu.edu/biology/risebio.html

$7,500 over 3 semesters
College of Science, Engineering and Technology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide a 150-300 word essay that details how the RISEbio program and a mentored research experience would help you achieve your career goals.
  2. Please list and describe any research experience (high school science fair, lab volunteer, student assistant, science summer camps, etc) that you might have.
  3. Please provide the name and contact information (address, phone, email) of a teacher or other mentor that can serve as a reference and comment on your academic potential and desire to obtain a degree in biology
  4. Are you a first generation college student? You are a first generation college student if neither parent has a bachelor degree.
  5. Are you a veteran or a currently serving member of the military?
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