John and Karen Knox Study Abroad Scholarship

John and Karen Knox established an annual scholarship of $1000 for a College of Science, Engineering and Technology student to study abroad for one semester. The spirit of this scholarship is to emphasize the importance of international study experiences. These experiences enrich the student and their curriculum and will contribute to helping the student and the College achieve the University’s initiative of students “solving real world problems.”

Preference will be given to students studying on a Minnesota State Mankato exchange program.

Additionally, the student must:

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Be a full time student while studying abroad, preferably in a country whose first language is not English
  • Be a full time admitted student within the College of Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Be at least in junior status at the time of study abroad
  • Following completion of the study abroad experience, the student must meet with the donors to share their study abroad experience

Supplemental Questions
  1. To be considered for the John and Karen Knox Study Abroad Scholarship, complete the following:
    • Dates of study (from month-year to month-year)
    • If awarded, will you be in junior status while you are studying abroad?
    • Please write a brief (200-word) essay outlining your reasons for study abroad, and your reason for your program choice.
    • What country to you plan to study in?