Brianna Richmond Cowles Theatre and Dance Scholarship

Brianna was a role model to so many in life, being an incredible mentor to many young professionals as well as an example of a strong talented woman in the work place. Brianna was also a talented athlete from childhood playing hockey, softball, volleyball, and soccer. Brianna loved theatre. Starting in high school and following her passion, she received her BFA in Theatre from Minnesota State University – Mankato in 2008. After graduation she followed Matthew Cowles on a life of adventure. Everywhere she worked she brought joy and comfort to everyone backstage, calming nervous actors before their entrance, and fixing problems without hesitation. She married Matt in May 2013. She was working her dream job, alongside Matt, as a carpenter for a national touring Broadway show. Brianna brought so much to this world that can never be replaced.

Applicants must be dedicated women who are focused on a career in theatre or dance with an emphasis on behind-the-scenes carpentry and production.

Amount Varies
College of Arts and Humanities: Theatre and Dance